Everything you need to know about epilation


Here's everything you need to know about this long lasting, at-home hair removal method. Ah, hair removal. Is there a more inconvenient beauty ritual? Probably not. Most of winter, you can find me lounging around with gorilla-esque legs. Come summer, though, I like to be hair-free (mostly), so I’ll turn to my trusty epilator. What’s that--you don’t use an epilator? Well, I’m here to inform you that it is the best method of hair removal that I have used.

When I say “epilator,” most people grimace and ask how painful it is. Truth be told, it isn’t that painful. Gone are the days when epilators had coil springs inside them to pull your hair out. I know most of us had a family member with one of those weird little machines and, to be honest, it put me off epilating in general before I knew that they’re now spring. These days, most epilators have a tweezer-type mechanism in them that pull their hairs out one by one (don’t worry, there are multiple tweezers working simultaneously), as well as rollers that ease the discomfort.

How it works

Epilating is really easy, too. All you do is run the little machine over the area you want after showering--there are even in-shower epilators. You can remove most hairs by moving against hair growth, but you can change direction if needed, such as on your underarms where, if you’re like me, your hair grows in 21 different directions.

I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t hurt at all--it can hurt, but in my opinion, it’s definitely not more painful than waxing and, as with waxing, it becomes easier and less painful every time you do it. I don’t even flinch when I epilate my legs (as long as I don’t shave in between!).

Why It’s Worth It
I prefer epilation to waxing because, while it has some of the benefits of waxing, such as longer periods between hair removal (unlike shaving, which I’d have to do daily) and more sparse hair growth (seriously--I have so much less hair now than I did before I started a couple of years ago), it is easier and more convenient than waxing. Not only can I do it at home any time, any place, but I don’t have to wait for my hair to grow out in order to epilate again. That means I never need to be stuck with prickly legs, waiting for my next wax. This is great news for me, because most days, five minutes before I need to leave home in my cute dress, I realize that my legs are hairy.

Epilation is also great for sensitive skin as, unlike with waxing, only your hair, and not the epidermis of the skin, comes off with use. As with waving or shaving, you can soothe the area afterward with lotion or butter and exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs. Unfortunately, due to my weakening hairs, I do experience more ingrown hair than before, which is a downside.

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